Developing quality light aircraft engines

SC 430 - 470 parts lists

Carburetor and Rotary Valve

All cylinders breathe their fuel-air charge through a single butterfly/diaphragm type carburetor, eliminating difficult syncronization and adjustment work.

Intake cycles overlap, providing a steady and quiet intake flow.

The power boosting rotary intake valve, turning with crankshaft speed, distributes the fuel-air mixture equally to all cylinders, resulting in high power and low fuel consumption.

Each cylinder has its own separate crankcase chamber, interdivided by the crankshaft's sealing discs.

Crankshaft and Crankcase

The one-piece chrome-nickel steel crankshafts are case hardened and precision ground all over.

There are three main bearings on the crankshaft, which bear the load of a tractor or pusher configuration.

The drop forged hardened and ground connecting rods have split big ends with needle bearings in both ends.

The Vertex pistons are forged aluminum for ultimate strength and lightness.


The radial positioning of the Nikasil plated cylinders allows for superb air cooling without the need for energy wasting cooling fans - regardless of whether the motors are installed as tractors or pushers.

Cylinder Head

The cylinder heads have been precision CNC machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum to further enhance the cooling, and also serve as engine mounting points.

Ignition and Generator System

All of our engines are controlled by solid state electronics.

The charging system produces 13.8 volts at 20 amps, keeping your battery charged, so there is no need for any external chargers.

Rotor and Propshaft

The rotor is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Connected to the rotor is the propshaft made from chrome-nickel steel. This assembly also serves as the housing for the magnetic ring that powers the generator.

Starter and Ring-gear

For easy instant starting all engines are supplied with a 0.5 HP electric start motor.

The ring-gear has been hardened to provide resistance to wear.

A 12 volt battery is required.